Leading from the Inside Out

Leading from the Inside Out provides a safe space for leaders in continuing care to share their challenges and learn self-care practices.

"Working with the other leaders was the most rewarding – to hear other leaders and their struggles and together coming up with self-care strategies to better cope with work-life balance."
Manager of support services

Leading from the Inside Out is designed to:

  • Support leaders in long-term and home care to be resilient and effective while leading themselves and others through uncertainty
  • Provide leaders with a safe space to connect, reflect, and share, with the specific intention of learning how to care for themselves while taking care of others
  • Improve and enhance capabilities as effective leaders
  • Promote a community of learning

This free program includes six 75-minute sessions – each focused on a different topic. The sessions occur about every two weeks, from January to April 2023.

Callie Bland, an executive coach and registered nurse, facilitates Leading from the Inside Out.

She has over 15 years of experience working in both public and private healthcare systems in Canada and the US. She specializes in working with healthcare leaders, who want to maximize their effectiveness and make a positive impact on those they work with and serve.

What to expect

Register your interest

Before the session:

  • You may be provided with some light reading or videos related to the topics of each session

During the session:

  • Participants will share what they implemented from the last session
  • 10 to 15-minute presentation on the day’s topic
  • 55 to 60 minutes of facilitated conversation with time to share experiences with others to learn more about the topic
  • Finally, a commitment to implement a practice learned during the session

What our participants are saying

Said they will use what they’ve learned to improve their wellbeing

Rated Coach Callie as excellent and said they were extremely likely to recommend the program 

Rated the program as excellent

Said they learned a lot from the program

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