Terms of Use


By signing up for a Learning Space account, you agree to the following:


The information that I have provided in my user profile is accurate and I can verify that I have truthfully identified myself as a SafeCare BC member or non-member. I am aware that SafeCare BC will conduct periodic checks of the system to verify that this information is accurate. Should there be inconsistencies with this information, my profile and training records will be inaccessible until this information is validated by SafeCare BC. I am responsible for updating my profile if there are any changes to my place of work and membership status.

I am not permitted to copy, modify, reproduce, sell, or re-publish any education content provided on the Learning Space without written permission from SafeCare BC. 

When participating in online discussion boards, I will not falsely state or misrepresent my affiliation with a person or entity. I will not abuse, harass, threaten, or otherwise violate the rights of others. I will not transmit insulting, threatening, or provocative language, or language that is hateful towards certain groups of people. I will not contribute any text or material that infringes on the intellectual property of others. I will not make accusations or transmit defamatory content against any organization or individual. I am aware that any actions that are reflective of this will result in my immediate removal from the system. 

SafeCare BC reserves the right to reject any registration request at its sole discretion and refuse and moderate any material deemed as inappropriate by the Association.