SafeCare BC Membership Application

Thanks for your interest in applying for SafeCare BC membership!

To be eligible to apply, you must meet the requirements below.

If you have any questions, please contact Ken Donohue at

Who’s eligible for the opt-in membership?

Education Providers

  • Offer education or training that prepares people to work in the continuing care sector, such as nursing, administration, and so on.
  • If you offer a health care aide training program, it must be fully recognized by BC Care Aide & Community Health Worker Registry.

Service Providers

  • Provide standard services in the continuing care sector, such as catering or housekeeping; or
  • Provide special services in the continuing care sector, such as assisted living or specialized community support living, but whose organization does NOT have the WorkSafeBC classification number 766011 or 766006.

In addition to the above, education and service providers must also . . .

  • Operate in British Columbia
  • Be registered with WorkSafeBC for at least one year
  • Be in good standing with WorkSafeBC
  • NOT be a commercial supplier

What’s the application timeline?

Once you submit your application, the SafeCare BC Board will review it.

If your membership is approved:

  1. We’ll share the good news, plus the exact membership fee and a contract to sign.
  2. You sign and return the contract.
  3. We send you an invoice.
  4. You get all the benefits of a SafeCare BC membership.

If your membership is not approved:

  • We’ll let you know, then we can discuss other options.

SafeCare BC Member Application Form