Buy a Thank You Sign – Donate to Operation Protect

Show Your Support

The COVID-19 pandemic has — and continues to be — an incredibly taxing time for healthcare workers. Through Operation Protect, SafeCare BC has invited individuals and organizations to show their support by donating any unused and unopened personal protective equipment to those on the frontlines. We recognize that there is a desire to share your gratitude in other ways, which is why we’re happy to partner with Thank You Frontline YVR.

Thank You Frontline YVR is a group of friends in Vancouver selling lawn signs expressing messages of thanks to healthcare workers. The proceeds of these signs go towards SafeCare BC’s Operation Protect.

How to Donate

Donations of any amount can be sent through our GoFundMe.

If you would like to purchase a lawn sign, please make a minimum of $10 donation to our GoFundMe and include your address and contact information.

Please note that the Thank You Frontline YVR team is only able to deliver signs in Vancouver, Richmond, and Burnaby.

About Thank You Frontline YVR

Originally started in Toronto as Thank You Frontline TO, a group of residents wanted to sell lawn signs in their neighbourhood to purchase meals for local healthcare and frontline workers.

Our group of friends here in Vancouver wanted to expand the initiative to the west coast and support healthcare workers that will still be following strict regulations. Thank you for your support!

Please direct all inquiries to or send a message on Instagram.