Peer Facilitator Training

Provincial Violence Prevention Curriculum Training

Peer Facilitator Program

The Peer Facilitator program was developed to expand the health and safety training capacity within the sector. This train-the-trainer program supports individual sites’ ability to develop a customized internal training program to train staff and contractors at a pace that suits their organizational needs without incurring additional training cost. Once trained, in-house Peer Facilitators provide continued training and support to the organization’s staff and contractors through a Licensing Agreement with SafeCare BC.

Maintaining Certification

To maintain certification, Peer Facilitators and Master Facilitators must be able to demonstrate their commitment to the program by taking part in at least 40 hours of continuing education over a two-year period, following successful completion of the mentorship process. Peer Facilitators and Master Facilitators are required to report completed continuing education to SafeCare BC regularly. SafeCare BC will issue recertification provided recertification requirements are met.

Track your Continuing Education

Continuing education hours can be accumulated in the following ways:

  • A minimum of 2 workshops in the first year and 2 workshops in the second year, following mentorship approval
  • A minimum of all curriculum edition updates and refresher training (if applicable)
  • Peer-to-peer coaching, safety huddles and new employee orientations, or other types of workplace health and safety training
  • Professional development (online or in-person) as approved by the Association

In addition to fulfilling the continuing education hours of Peer Facilitators, Master Facilitators must be available to facilitate a train-the-trainer workshop once per year.

If you are unsure about the eligibility of your continuing education hours, please contact

Provincial Violence Prevention Curriculum Education Peer Facilitator Education

Secondment for Peer Facilitators

SafeCare BC offers a Secondment Agreement for select program streams. A Secondment Agreement is a formal arrangement between SafeCare BC, a Peer Facilitator, and the Peer Facilitator’s sponsor organization. Under this Agreement, Peer Facilitators facilitate three workshops for SafeCare BC over the course of a year and in response, SafeCare BC reimburses the sponsor organization for the Peer Facilitator’s time. The sponsor organization may also be eligible to recoup the cost of the Peer Facilitator’s training. Through this initiative, the sponsor organization supports the development of the Peer Facilitator’s facilitation skills and content competency, and supports them in completing their continuing education hours. This initiative expands the capacity for health and safety training including increased access to training at member sites outside of the Lower Mainland.

Contracted Facilitation for Peer Facilitators

Peer Facilitators who do not belong to member sites may be eligible to contract with SafeCare BC. Periodically, SafeCare BC seeks Peer Facilitators who are interested in delivering workshops on behalf of SafeCare BC. Eligible Peer Facilitators have taken a train-the-trainer workshop and completed mentorship in a relevant program stream. SafeCare BC will pursue a Peer Facilitator for a contracted opportunity if they are the right fit for a training needs within in the sector. Considerations include the current educational demand in the Peer Facilitator’s geographic region.

Applications are now open for the next Provincial Violence Prevention Curriculum Facilitator Training!

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The Provincial Violence Prevention Curriculum (PVPC) is currently recognized as the best-practice in violence prevention training for health care workers. Because continuing care is recognized as a high-risk sector for violence against staff, it is important to ensure that all staff be given access to violence prevention training.

This session is a four-day training with the intention of giving you the tools to become a confident PVPC Peer Facilitator. Following these sessions, participants will be expected to teach their own workshops at their own sites. We ask that each site send two participants to a session. This allows for co-facilitator support when teaching sessions.

If you have a passion for people, learning, and teaching, we want to hear from you!

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