Safe Handling Toolkit: Step 4

Safe Handling Toolkit in 5 Steps

Developing a Safe Handling program for your organization doesn’t have to be hard. It begins with five steps.

Step 4: Conduct Training

Training is an important step in your Safe Handling Program, as it provides frontline workers with the skills and information to help them perform their tasks more safely.

Train-the-Trainer Program
WorkSafeBC Training Resources
Point of Care Risk Assessments


Train-the-Trainer Program

Like you, SafeCare BC is committed to helping reduce injury rates. That’s why we offer Safe Handling Train-the-Trainer courses. These two-day sessions include both a classroom and simulation component. Participants will receive further support through three, hour-long teleconferences following the in-person training. This course provides comprehensive training on safe handling best-practices, as well as coaching principles to support peer-led learning.

This train-the-trainer program means participants will take the training back to their organizations to teach others. We encourage those who act as safety champions, train others, or have roles in care planning to attend this session.

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Training Resources

WorkSafeBC has a collection of resources that you can use as part of your own in-house training program.


Point of Care Risk Assessments

Point of Care Risk Assessments are a key part of safe handling practices at the bedside. By doing this, the care provider can make sure that the resident or client’s ability matches the care plan.