Gotcha Safety Awards

June 30, 2023 | Other

Innovation Idea Details

The Gardens (The Care Group)

Innovation Idea:
The Gotcha Safety Awards is a campaign to ‘catch’ colleagues in the act of performing an act or task safely.

The aim is to take a photo of a staff member following a safe work practice (SWP) and submit it to the Health and Safety Committee. For each photo submitted the photographer will receive a point for their department and the person photographed will also receive a point for their department. The photos will be displayed on the notice boards along with a monthly update of the scorecard.

What workplace hazard does this idea address?

If other, please specify:
safe work practices,awards,gamification

How does your idea improve workplace health and safety?
Positive reinforcement of the SWP.
Puts a spotlight on the Heath & Safety Committee and elevates their status.
Creates some healthy fun and team building between the departments.
Make The Gardens a safer place to work.

How did you implement this idea?
Each department is supplied with a polaroid camera.

What has been the impact on workplace health and safety?
The Gotcha SAfety Awards won Safety Den 2023.

Cost & Resources

What was the initial set up cost?
cost of cameras

What are the on-going costs?

Other staffing resources required:

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