NexsysADC Secure Dispensing Cabinet

June 20, 2022 | Other

Innovation Idea Details

Capsa Healthcare

Innovation Idea:
Automated dispensing cabinets (ADCs) have been available for a couple decades, but Capsa Healthcare’s NexsysADC is different; it was designed for long-term care. Practical in size, price range, and scope. NexsysADC is accessible for even small volume homes (or behavioral health and hospice too) — not just large hospitals. Compact cabinet that controls the onsite storage and distribution of medications (especially narcotics) and high-value supplies. At all times, pharmacies stocking medications and nursing managers controlling the removal of medications know what doses are inside each NexsysADC cabinet, which nurse is accessing them, and what medication dose is getting to which patient. Each transaction is visible and trackable via cloud connection.

What workplace hazard does this idea address?

If other, please specify:
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How does your idea improve workplace health and safety?
All care facilities – large and small resident population sizes – need advanced protection against medication dispensing errors, and against internal diversion. Capsa Healthcare designed NexsysADC to directly address how pharmacies and the facilities they serve can defend against the wrong patient getting the wrong medication, strength or quantity, and defend against theft. With old-fashioned manual processes like the locked closet or the “tackle box”, both happen all too frequently in senior care.

How did you implement this idea?
Capsa Healthcare has been installing NexsysADC at a rapid pace across Canada. During the pandemic the company perfected its virtual training programs to streamline the onboarding process.

What has been the impact on workplace health and safety?
Nurses appreciate the fast access to the medication their patient needs right away. Nursing directors appreciate the “Track & Trace” features of NexsysADC so they know exactly who has rights to use the cabinet, who accessed it and when, for waht patient, if inventory levels are low, and any discrepancies. Pharmacies appreciate that their medication stock — especially controlled medications — is carefully locked up with limited access, and they know at all times inventory levels to prevent rush deliveries and anticipate Stat order medications to be onhand.

Cost & Resources

What was the initial set up cost?
Pricing varies because NexsysADC is offered in multiple cart sizes and custom inserts for each facility’s patient population

What are the on-going costs?
Please ask your Capsa consultant

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