Passport for Safety – Canadian Edition Eh?

June 30, 2023 | Other

Innovation Idea Details

Eden Gardens

Innovation Idea:
To encourage and improve both workplace safety education and online learning compliance, Eden Gardens is introducing the “Passport for Safety – Canadian Edition Eh?”. Each staff member will have their own “passport” and can collect stamps for completing online learning modules, demonstrating workplace safety knowledge, or scavenger hunts to find safety equipment.

Eden Gardens is putting the focus on Canadian flag colours, with the focus on Code Red and Code White, to add a patriotic element to our Passport for Safety. Eden Gardens intends to continue with the Passport for Safety, focusing on different international code colours as the program progresses.

What workplace hazard does this idea address?

If other, please specify:

How does your idea improve workplace health and safety?
The “Passport for Safety – Canadian Edition Eh?” will inspire and encourage staff to take workplace safety into their own hands, while also promoting completion of online learning modules. In order to earn stamps, employees will need to complete online learning modules, know their international emergency codes, demonstrate workplace safety knowledge, or complete scavenger hunts to identify safety equipment around the workplace.

How did you implement this idea?
The idea has not yet been implemented in the workplace.

What has been the impact on workplace health and safety?
Increased completion of online learning modules, improved workplace safety education and knowledge, increased awareness of international emergency codes, and identification of workplace safety equipment, all while maintaining a fun and slightly competitive work environment.

Cost & Resources

What was the initial set up cost?
Cost of printing passports, or creating digital version

What are the on-going costs?

Other staffing resources required:

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