Point-of-care Rapid Testing

November 24, 2022 | Infection Prevention and Control

Innovation Idea Details

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Innovation Idea:
Rapid testing to screen visitors and staff for COVID.

What workplace hazard does this idea address?
Infection Prevention and Control

If other, please specify:
Rapid Testing,COVID

How does your idea improve workplace health and safety?
The rapid testing is being used as an adjunct tool for screening.
It helps screen out asymptomatic staff and visitors who may carry the virus into the care home.
The purpose is to further reduce the care homes risk for a potential COVID outbreak.

How did you implement this idea?
Screeners informed staff and visitors as they were screened of the rapid test availability and encourage them to get tested. This continues to be on a voluntary basis.
Having a designated room provided staff with privacy when they were getting test. The room being close to the screening zone was also helpful as the screener was able to promote the rapid testing and encourage staff to participate. Adding the additional agency nurse increased our capacity to do more tests.

What has been the impact on workplace health and safety?
Increased confidence in staff and visitors that they are not bringing in the virus to the care home. For many staff who had contracted COVID it was reassuring to confirm that their viral load was low so they were not infectious. Staff also feel safer that visitors are being tested as this was a big concern when the visitation restrictions changed.

Cost & Resources

What was the initial set up cost?

What are the on-going costs?

Other staffing resources required:
Room in screening area designated to conduct rapid testing. Date for start of rapid testing was broadcasted to staff.

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