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Innovation Idea Details

Kinsmen Lodge

Innovation Idea:
SHAPEDOWN! A staff wellness initiative: participants agree to make 2 healthy changes to their diet and participate in a minimum of 3, 30 minute exercise sessions per week above their regular activity level. Body composition mapping is performed at the beginning and end of 90 days. Monthly meetings are held where participants share what they’ve changed, their goals, and where they are on their journey.
The participant with the highest total percentage of body fat loss after 90 days wins bragging rights, as well as a Fitbit VERSA 3 smartwatch!

What workplace hazard does this idea address?

If other, please specify:
Self Care

How does your idea improve workplace health and safety?
Staff have expressed the have largely ignored self-care during the pandemic, are dissatisfied with overall health, feeling burn out and deleterious effects on their mental health. ShapeDown is a safe and supportive community-building self-care initiative engineered to encourage healthy choices and exercise. Overall this initiative will facilitate a journey back to prioritizing self-care, preventing burn-out, and improving mental wellness.

Leadership is also participating (with, not against staff, as they are excluded from winning) as a form of modeling, showing understanding, and support.

How did you implement this idea?
Reach out to Jasmine for more information

What has been the impact on workplace health and safety?
Staff have already seen an increase in mental and physical health, resiliency, and developed a stronger sense of community. Moving forward we expect to also see fewer injuries.

Cost & Resources

What was the initial set up cost?
Cost of the smartwatch

What are the on-going costs?

Other staffing resources required:

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