Safety Den

Do you have an idea or innovation that will help prevent workplace injury—and improve the health and safety of continuing care workers? Tell us your idea, and you can have a chance at winning $1,000! 

The fourth-annual Safety Den, proudly sponsored by Carnelian Technologies, took place this May at the 42nd BC Care Providers Association conference in Whistler. The event proved to be a successful mix of entertainment and education, highlighting safety innovations in the continuing care sector.


Member Category

Gemstone Care Centre

Taking home the top prize of $1000, Gemstone created a culture of safety within the care home with the Safety Star Program. Safety Stars are members of staff who pledge to do whatever they can to create a safe work environment. Donning a yellow lanyard, Safety Stars are given input in decision making and are involved in workplace inspections and risk assessments. Safety Stars are given leverage to act on unsafe incidents they witness with their peers, giving them an opportunity to teach without coming across as critics. Gemstone’s goal is to get every employee to be a Safety Star.

Commercial Category

Jaide Products

Safety Innovation of the Year Award 

New to North America, the Roturner is a sit-to-stand pivot transfer and safety aid. The Roturner addresses a key area of safe handling where there is currently a gap — pivot transfers for those who can weight-bear but have difficulty mobilizing beyond standing.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in Safety Den! We cannot wait to see what ideas are presented next year!

What you can win (apart from bragging rights)

In our Member category, you will have the chance to win one of three cash prizes, with the top prize being $1,000 that you can use to invest in your idea or enhance your organization’s health and safety program. And in our Commercial category, one organization will win the coveted Safety Innovation of the Year Award.

The Pitch

Three finalists from each category will be selected to compete at the Safety Den.

The finalists will pitch their safety innovations to our judges, or Safety Dragons, as we call them. Questions from our Dragons and audience will make for an entertaining and interactive experience.

Member Category

  • First prize: $1,000
  • Second prize: $750
  • Third Prize: $500

Commercial Category

  • Safety Innovation of the Year Award

Spread the word

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2018 Safety Den Winners

Member Category
Revera Living

Revera’s low-tech safety idea is the creation of a ‘luggage tag’ style ID for a resident’s walker or wheelchair. One side of the letter-size sheet has a visual cue for the resident—a picture from their youth or one of a loved one, or of a prominent memory, with a brief description on the bottom. The image serves as a visual distraction for the resident, during a time of stress. The tag is laminated, primarily for infection control purposes, and the reverse side has the resident’s name along with the word “Likes”. In the white space below, using a dry-erase pen, staff can provide tips on strategies that have worked for distraction and re-direction. Learn more





Commercial Category


Handicare’s EvaDrive allows residents and clients to be transferred with a gentle push of the fingertips. Effortlessly maneuver through obstacles in care facilities with ease. The EvaDrive is an intuitive motorized mobile lift that requires very little force to operate. The goal with this breakthrough lifting aid is to reduce the risk of injury caregivers face when manually handling patients during transfers. Learn more