Safety Huddles

Safety huddles are a great way to engage staff in relevant and timely conversations about their workplace health and safety. They encourage a continuous and open dialogue about safety in your organization and promote a culture of well-being for staff and the people they care for.

Download the Safety Huddle Handbook here!

SafeCare BC’s Safety Huddle Handbook includes a collection of topics that you can use to organize your own safety huddles. While many huddles can be done as a discussion, others require additional resources. Below you will find a list of handouts, documents, pictures and videos that can be used for the corresponding huddle.

What Does a Safety Huddle Look Like?

A safety huddle is a short meeting lead by a huddle leader, usually held at the start of each shift, with a focus on preventing injuries. They are informal and provide an opportunity for staff to have discussions, practice skills, brainstorm solutions, or review recent workplace incidents. Anyone who’s impacted by the huddle’s topic should be involved, including care, facility, housekeeping, and kitchen staff.

What does a Huddle Leader do?

  • Ensures that everyone has a chance to speak and participate
  • Encourages dialogue and problem-solving
  • Keeps the conversation on topic
  • Confirms that participants have met the learning goals

On this webpage you will find a collection of topics that you can use for your own Safety Huddles. Each topic includes:

  • Instructions for how to run the huddle
  • Learning goals for what participants should be able to do after the huddle
  • Guiding questions to facilitate discussion
  • Notes for the huddle leader, which highlight the topic’s key content and learning opportunities

How to use this Webpage

These Safety Huddles are intended for use by huddle leaders. A huddle leader could be a manager, supervisor, licensed practical nurse, or anyone who knows about and is trained in a specific safety topic.

  • Some huddles require handouts, resources or videos. These can be found below.
  • Use this attendance sheet to have huddle participants sign-in at each huddle to keep an up-to-date training record.
  • On the title of each huddle below, there is a colour legend that indicates the audience for which the huddle is designed.