Safety Innovations Database

We have created the Safety Innovations Database as a way for people to share ideas, initiatives and programs that can help address health and safety issues in continuing care.

We know there are lots of great ideas out there. The searchable database is a place for those in health care to learn from one another Somewhere, there is a solution to the challenges you’re experiencing. And you have the answer to someone else’s challenge. 

With your help, we will grow the database, as it becomes the go-to place to test and share new ideas. We invite you to explore the database by clicking the title link for each entry or by searching with keywords. 

Gotcha Safety Awards
Gotcha Safety AwardsThe Gotcha Safety Awards is a campaign to ‘catch’ colleagues in the act of performing …othersafe-work-practices awards gamification
TIDE ( Team Incident Debrief Exercise)
TIDE ( Team Incident Debrief Exercise)A debrief exercise template, which includes an Incident debrief form along with an investigation and …otherdebrief template
Passport for Safety - Canadian Edition Eh?
Passport for Safety – Canadian Edition Eh?To encourage and improve both workplace safety education and online learning compliance, Eden Gardens is …othereducation passport training
Swift Ultraslide Patient Re-positioning system
Swift Ultraslide Patient Re-positioning systemThe Swift Slider is a friction reducing device to assist with patient/resident repositioning, boosting and …overexertionslips-and-trips overexertion infection-control ease-of-use convenience workplace-injury back-injury over-exertion exertional-injury
On-The-Right-Track Hookless Patient Cubicle Curtains
On-The-Right-Track Hookless Patient Cubicle CurtainsOn-The-Right-Track Hookless Patient Cubicle Curtains is a safer and more infection control solution to patient …slips-and-tripsslips-and-trips overexertion infection-control ease-of-use convenience
Sailing for Safety
Sailing for SafetySailing for Safety is a fun and simple way to track education process. Using a …othereducation
Ten Minutes to Relaxation
Ten Minutes to RelaxationOur Employee-created program “Ten Minutes to Relaxation” was the dream of one of our HCWs. …otherself-care exercise
Provizio SEM Scanner
Provizio SEM ScannerThe Provizio SEM Scanner, is a non-invasive device with rapid results that compares SEM measurements …other
Safety Flash Cards
Safety Flash CardsCreate customized and color-coded flash cards to streamline the education process for safety procedures in …othersafety education
Recovery & Renewal
Recovery & RenewalSee attached resourceother
Point-of-care Rapid Testing
Point-of-care Rapid TestingRapid testing to screen visitors and staff for COVID.infection-prevention-control
8 Days of Wellness
8 Days of WellnessBased on the 8 pillars of Holistic Health (Emotional, Financial,Social,Spiritual,Occupational,Physical,Intellectual,Envirnomental) Research has shown that Long …mental-healthwellness
“Wellness Awareness” Presentation
“Wellness Awareness” PresentationChilliwack Society for Community Living has enrolled in the WorkSafeBC Certificate of Recognition (COR) initiative …otherwellness
NexsysADC Secure Dispensing Cabinet
NexsysADC Secure Dispensing CabinetAutomated dispensing cabinets (ADCs) have been available for a couple decades, but Capsa Healthcare’s NexsysADC …othernarcotics controlledmeds narcvault adc pyxis gunsafe c-ii controlled-meds narc-vault gun-safe drug-diversion diversion drug-theft drug-safety drug-cabinet
ShapeDownSHAPEDOWN! A staff wellness initiative: participants agree to make 2 healthy changes to their diet …otherself-care
Wellness Wednesdays
Wellness WednesdaysThe idea is to consider the middle day of the week- WEDNESDAY as the day …mental-healthmindfulness meditation
Safety-It's all in the Details!
Safety-It’s all in the Details!We are creating safety posters for each department. These posters will have many safety fails …othersafety-culture
Fears and Solutions
Fears and SolutionsThe Fears and Solutions initiative is about starting a dialogue. Using a blank poster to …other
The Hamlets Fit Test Operation
The Hamlets Fit Test OperationAt the Hamlets there was an issue identified where the relative Health Authorities cohorted N95 …infection-prevention-control
Rapid Antigen Testing for COVID-19
Rapid Antigen Testing for COVID-19The use of rapid antigen tests to test staff and visitors for COVID-19.infection-prevention-control
Changing the Culture with Civility Three Cs
Changing the Culture with Civility Three CsIn Health Care incivility among coworkers/different shifts/departments can cause workers a great deal of stress …othermentalhealthandwellness
Fears and Solutions Board
Fears and Solutions BoardA poster that asks two questions: what are you afraid of? and what are you …otherfears solutions students workers poster
Video Call Visits
Video Call VisitsUsing iPads or other devices, staff can set up facetime/video call visits for residents and …toxic-exposureipad video-call facetime covid-19
Safety Drill
Safety DrillTo increase overall Safety Awareness we have created a safety game, similar to Jeopardy, with …other
Stretch and Exercise Rooms
Stretch and Exercise RoomsThree-Steps: # 1 Renovate an underused amenity room into a workout room at site for …return-recoversafety
Think Safety & Win
Think Safety & WinCustom made scratch off tickets given out to team members that are acting in a …othersafety ticket win
Staff Continuous Quality Committee
Staff Continuous Quality CommitteeA committee designed to engage all staff in the development and implementation of new strategies …acts-of-violencecommittee meeting quality
In-House Safety Video Library
In-House Safety Video LibraryAt Eden Gardens we had a great idea to increase safety in our care home …othersafety video
Safety Star Program
Safety Star ProgramOur Safety Star Program creates safety leaders throughout our care home, integrating a safety culture …overexertionacts-of-violence slips-and-trips falls struck-by toxic-exposure safety-culture
Safety Vests
Safety VestsThese bright (very visible) vests allow team members to see and understand safety inspections happening …othersafety inspections understanding
Patient Identification Band
Patient Identification BandThe patient Identification band with colour coding is intended for every resident and acts as …otherdementia alzheimers alzhemiers
Topic Tags
Topic TagsOur low-tech safety idea is the creation of a ‘luggage tag’ style ID for a …acts-of-violencedementia alzheimers

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