Safety Innovations Database

SafeCare BC has created the Safety Innovation Database as a way for members to share innovative ideas, initiatives and programs that address health and safety issues in the continuing care sector. This database is a place for SafeCare BC members to learn from each other, and to take these learnings and incorporate them into their own place of work, with the goal of creating a more positive health and safety culture in the workplace.

If you have a program or initiative in place at your care home that addresses health and safety in the workplace, please share it with us by way of the Safety Innovation Database template form. Please fill out the short form and send it to and we will summarize the information and post it below.


Lessons Learned: Commode Shower Chairs

Learn what one of our member organizations did after it had been reported that over the past year-and-a-half, there have been three incidents of residents becoming jammed in the centre of a U-shaped commode/shower chair, while being showered.


Broadway Pentecostal Lodge

Learn more about Broadway Pentecostal’s experience with bringing education to staff versus bringing staff to education, how they engage their staff in resource development, and view a sample of their work with their adaptation of point-of-care risk assessment practices, the POCA.

Tabor Village

Discover how Tabor has integrated fun and recognition into its approach to staff education, as well as how Tabor is using a visual flagging system to alert staff to potentially aggressive residents.

Haro Park

Find out about Haro Park’s Transfer Coach program, which supports safety in repositioning and transfers to reduce staff injuries and ensure resident safety and security, as well as their sling program, which is a process of managing slings within the care home to ensure staff and resident safety during transfers and efficiency of work flow.

Success Stories

Tabor Village:

Tabor Village is one of many care homes in the province that are using innovative methods to encourage the development of a positive health and safety culture in the workplace. Click here for full story.

Menno Place:

Menno Place has designed safety huddles for staff which encourage positive interactions between themselves as well as residents. This program, along with a few others, has increased awareness of health and safety at Menno Place.