Win a Free Violence Prevention Workshop

March 5, 2018 | News

Yes, that’s right! A free violence prevention workshop for your organization. How often does someone offer you free education?

Tell us your violence prevention strategies, and your organization will be entered to win a free workshop. It’s that easy!

This week Maria Cruz, a community health worker for Beacon Community Services shares her violence prevention strategies.

  1. Read the care plan before going to the client
  2. Don’t talk when not necessary or do not give unnecessary comments or actions that will trigger the client
  3. Be firm of your words and actions
  4. Always face the client even though you are doing the tasks assigned
  5. Be ready to defend yourself, but do not fight back.
  6. Get out of the place when you feel comfortable. Always check the best way out and keep your car key in your pocket
  7. Always inform the office of any unnecessary things that happened

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